Top 3 Best Yacht Charter Companies in Istanbul, Turkey

Yacht Charter Companies in Istanbul

Istanbul has a unique mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. It is on two countries and embraces both the past and the present. Chartering a boat is one of the best ways to see the city’s beautiful coastline and clear blue water. But there are so many yacht rental companies in Istanbul that it can be hard to pick the right one. This guide will help you find your way by showing you the three best yacht rental companies in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Top 3 Yacht Charter Companies in Istanbul

  1. Yacht Charter Bosporus

yacht rental companies Istanbul

Yacht Charter Bosporus is a yacht rental companies in Istanbul, providing knowledgeable assistance and tailored solutions to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience. The fleet possessed by the company is notable for its exceptional quality and cutting-edge design, offering individuals a convenient means to fulfill their aspirations of touring the captivating Turkish coastline.

Yacht Charter Bosporus’s objective is to prioritize client satisfaction and deliver comprehensive services, staffed by a highly competent team, with the aim of establishing itself as the leading service provider in the sector. By integrating destination knowledge with their extensive expertise, they enable clients to seamlessly rent a yacht while simultaneously picturing their next memorable holiday.

Yacht Charter Bosporus offers anybody, including those without sailing experience, the opportunity to explore the enchanting bays and deep blue seas of Turkey, thereby allowing them to experience the exhilarating sense of freedom that comes with being on the water. The company demonstrates proficiency in introducing novel destinations and offering a wide range of choices to accommodate diverse requirements, including corporate events, by means of their adaptable variety of yachts.

Yacht Charter Bosporus prioritizes the facilitation of boat chartering by emphasizing simplicity and ease of the process. The team of professionals offers specialized counsel and customized solutions to fulfill individualized needs. The fleet on display features a selection of state-of-the-art and opulent boats from throughout the globe, providing an ideal means to commence your Turkish expedition.

  1. Yacht Charter Istanbul – Biteknem

yacht rental companies Istanbul

When it comes to the exploration of the captivating waters of Istanbul, yacht rental companies in Istanbul, also referred to as Rental Boat Istanbul, comes as the prominent choice. Biteknem stands out as a prominent selection among the several yacht charter companies available in this captivating city, catering to individuals in search of remarkable marine experiences.

Biteknem offers an impressive fleet of yacht charters and rental boats in Istanbul that fulfill the aspirations of discerning individuals. The assortment of yachts available caters to a diverse range of preferences, including romantic getaways, family excursions, and corporate gatherings. Ranging from elegant motor boats to traditional gulets and sailing yachts, each vessel is a remarkable work of art, ensuring a journey characterized by opulence and convenience.

Biteknem distinguishes itself through its dedication to customizing experiences based on individual preferences. The organization acknowledges the individuality of each voyage and is committed to curating an optimal itinerary through the expertise of their seasoned team. Whether one desires to see the renowned sights of Istanbul situated along the Bosphorus or embark on a more extensive journey into the Aegean or Mediterranean regions, comprehensive options are available to cater to these preferences.

At Biteknem

The organization places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional service and considers it to be an essential need that is not up to negotiation. The crew members has extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields, thereby guaranteeing the well-being and satisfaction of all passengers aboard the vessel. Upon embarking aboard their yachts, individuals will be cordially welcomed with a sense of warmth and hospitality, thereby establishing a precedent for an extraordinary journey.

Biteknem provides a diverse range of alternatives for business events aimed at creating a lasting impact. Envision the prospect of organizing your forthcoming corporate gathering, team-building occasion, or client hospitality affair amidst the serene expanse of the Bosphorus. This presents a unique chance to integrate business activities with leisure, under the awe-inspiring backdrop of Istanbul’s captivating landscape.

When one is prepared to commence a voyage of exploration, opulence, and rejuvenation along the captivating coasts of Istanbul, it is important to recall the name Biteknem.

  1. SU Yachting: In the Bosphorus

SU Yachting is recognized as a leading company that has played a significant role in the introduction of corporate boat leasing services along the picturesque Bosphorus. Since their establishment in 2010, their primary objective has been to offer exceptional yacht rental companies in Istanbul, with a specific emphasis on serving the affluent clientele in Istanbul.

Their dedication lies in providing their clientele with an unprecedented perspective of Istanbul, encompassing the city’s aesthetic allure through the use of their exclusive and opulent yachts. Irrespective of the purpose, whether it a corporate engagement or a recreational getaway, their utmost endeavor is to convert your yacht charter encounter into an indelible and remarkable recollection.

At SU Yachting, their commitment extends beyond providing outstanding yacht rental services. They are devoted to guaranteeing an optimal price-performance ratio, ensuring that your experience remains within your financial means while upholding high standards of quality.

Throughout the course of time

The organization has successfully facilitated a multitude of events and engagements, encompassing a substantial number of diplomatic receptions conducted at the farthest echelons of official protocol. The primary objective is to ensure that their guests disembark from their ships with expressions of contentment.

Situated in the central region of Istanbul, adjacent to the renowned Bosphorus coastline, their yachts are conveniently berthed in close proximity to the Arnavutköy Pier. The company diligently focuses on every aspect, providing their clientele with a comprehensive organizational experience in the realm of yacht rental services. During the yacht charter procedure, their team of experienced captains and staff members strive to provide you with exceptional service of the highest quality. The company proudly highlights its extensive 13-year tenure in the sector, showcasing their wealth of knowledge. Furthermore, they express their satisfaction in having served a substantial number of guests, totaling over 182,453 individuals and a total of 32,126 yacht cruises have been carried out.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Yacht Charter Company

Before we get into the details of the top three companies, it’s important to know what you should think about when making your choice:

  1. Safety and Licensing Safety is the most important thing at all times. Make sure the company has all the rights and certificates it needs to run yachts. Check to see how safe they are and how well they follow marine rules.
  2. Yacht Variety and Size: The type and size of yachts available can have a big impact on your experience. When choosing a yacht, keep your group size and tastes in mind. Some companies provide a variety of options, ranging from modest boats to opulent mega-yachts.
  3. Crew Knowledge and Professionalism: The knowledge and professionalism of the crew can make or break your charter experience. Seek out firms with experienced captains, skilled crew members, and outstanding customer service.
  4. Customization Options: Every group is different, and your charter should reflect that. Look for a provider that provides flexible itineraries, food options, and extra services such as water sports equipment.
  5. Customer Feedback and Testimonials: Reading customer reviews and testimonials can provide significant insight into a company’s reputation. Pay close attention to feedback on service quality, dependability, and general satisfaction.

Comparative Analysis of the Top Yacht Charter Companies in Istanbul

The quality of your sailing vacation in Istanbul will be directly proportional to the yacht charter company you go with. To help you make an informed decision, let’s evaluate the top three boat charter companies in Istanbul: boat Charter Bosporus, Yacht Charter Istanbul – Biteknem, and SU Yachting, based on crucial factors:

  1. Pricing

  • Yacht Charter Bosporus: Renowned for competitive pricing, making it accessible to budget-conscious travellers while maintaining quality service.
  • Yacht Charter Istanbul – Biteknem: Offers premium experiences with a range of pricing options, catering to various budgets without compromising luxury.
  • SU Yachting: Commits to providing excellent value for money, aligning affordability with quality service, appealing to a broad spectrum of customers.
  1. Yacht Variety

  • Yacht Charter Bosporus: Boasts a diverse fleet, accommodating different preferences, and group sizes, offering a variety of yacht types.
  • Yacht Charter Istanbul – Biteknem: Provides a collection of private and luxurious yachts, focusing on high-end vessels for a lavish charter experience.
  • SU Yachting: Offers an extensive fleet that includes a wide range of sizes and designs, ensuring there’s an option for every taste and occasion.
  1. Customer Service

  • Yacht Charter Bosporus: Prioritizes professionalism and reliability, with a reputation for attention to detail and guest satisfaction.
  • Yacht Charter Istanbul – Biteknem: Known for their hospitality and commitment to delivering exceptional service, ensuring a memorable voyage.
  • SU Yachting: Combines a friendly and flexible approach with a commitment to ensuring customer needs are met, making guests feel valued.
  1. Customization

  • Yacht Charter Bosporus: Excels in creating personalized experiences, tailoring itineraries to match specific preferences.
  • Yacht Charter Istanbul – Biteknem: Offers some degree of customization, allowing customers to adjust their charter to suit their needs and desires.
  • SU Yachting: Provides flexibility in terms of itinerary and services, allowing customers to customize their charter to a certain extent, ensuring a tailored experience.

Booking Tips and Recommendations

Before you book your yacht charter in Istanbul, consider the following tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Yacht charters can quickly fill up, especially during high seasons. Plan and reserve your charter in advance.
  • Express Your Preferences: To provide a personalized experience, clearly convey your expectations and preferences to the charter operator.
  • Be adaptable: Weather conditions can change your plans. Prepare for potential adjustments and trust the captain’s safety judgments.
  • Pack Smartly: Pack necessities like as sunscreen, hats, and swimsuits, as well as any necessary travel documents.
  • Be environmentally conscious: Keep Istanbul’s coast beautiful by using responsible and environmental methods during your charter.


Chartering a yacht is a one-of-a-kind and opulent way to discover Istanbul’s coastal jewels, where the voyage is just as memorable as the final destination. boat Charter Bosporus, Yacht Charter Istanbul – Biteknem, and SU Yachting are the three best boat charter businesses in our guide, and each one has its own unique advantages.

These businesses may provide you with a charter experience that meets your needs, whether they be price, comfort, or variety of services. Having a memorable and enjoyable yacht charter in Istanbul requires careful consideration of your priorities, tastes, and group size before making a final decision. No matter which company you choose, your time spent sailing the stunning waters of this fascinating metropolis will be an experience you’ll never forget.


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