Top 3 best photography studios in Istanbul, Turkey

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In this era where photography is a very important part of life, having a good photo studio is a must. Keeping a record of photos of every special moment is the desire of many people. Nowadays, people take their image very seriously. Making professional photography studios start to gain more and more popularity. In Istanbul, there are many places that offer this service, but the quality of the images is not always the best. So we would like to guide you to find the best photography studios in Istanbul, Turkey.

Choosing a new group of people you’ve never worked with before can be challenging. There are too many options for photographers in the city, making it daunting to know which one is the right one. But, luckily you have found a space where, with patience and dedication, we have given ourselves the task of finding the best photographic studios in the area.

Throughout this post, you won’t just find the best photography spots in Istanbul. We also detail some points to consider when looking for a professional photography studio. By applying them, you will be able to make sure that you choose the most suitable one for your personal or commercial project, as far as photography is concerned.

Excellent photo studios in Istanbul, Turkey


istanbulportrait. Photography studios in Istanbul

Istanbulportrait is a photo studio run by Uğur, better known as Lucky. His taste for photography was born in childhood, when he played at photographing everything around him, with an old film camera. Years later, thanks to the digital age, that love for photography resurfaced.

Lucky worked for about 5 years as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. He was also able to develop his talent for professional photography. Nowadays, he offers unforgettable sessions to all his clients.


Photo Serap

Serap. Photography studios in Istanbul

In Serap photo, we work to maintain unrepeatable memories over time. Photography is a passion, much more than a profession in this studio. For Serap, his career in photography began in 1972, when he apprenticed to master Akif Dönmez in Fındıkzade. He started his own studio in 1981.

Foto Serap has a trajectory of more than 37 years. Keeping up with the new trends in the photographic sector during all this time. Wedding photography is the specialty of this team.


Burkia Studio

burkia. Photography studios in Istanbul

Burkia is a name inspired by a university professor, named Ali Emre Çetiner. This studio and the passion for photography were born in this place. Where the interest in photography was questioned at the end of the first lecture in the Department of Economics. The now director of this studio, involuntarily raised his hand and there, with that professor who always called him Burkia, it all began.

Burak Paçacıoğlu was born in Ankara in 1986. He graduated with a degree in economics but, like many others, did not practice his profession. During his university years, he actively participated in different photographic projects, as well as music, theater and short films. After graduating, he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to photography and filmography.

He began his work in cinema in 2011, with different television series. Working together in their own studio. Providing its clients not only with photographic services, but also with video, such as small films and commercials.

To date, this studio has worked with countless actors, actresses and managers. In this way, he has developed a great experience in the field of photographic and video production.

In today’s world, being an expert in a field is very important. But if you have versatility and a desire to explore different approaches, specializing in a single purpose can be boring. After gaining knowledge, skills and experience, in Burkia, they always work in different fields of photography and video, to always be nourished. Offering professional photography services for individuals, companies and corporations. A place whose goal is not financial reward, but to find the satisfaction of people’s needs. Making them happy with the service provided.


What does a photo studio do?

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A photo studio is a place where professional photo shoots are held for a variety of purposes, such as portraiture, product photography, fashion, advertising, among others.

To capture high-quality images in a photo studio, professional equipment and accessories are used. These can include accessories for different types of photography, such as cameras, lenses, lights, backgrounds, and others.

Photo studios may offer additional services in addition to taking photos, such as image editing, image printing, and selling photographic products, such as albums and frames.

Photo studios can also specialize in a variety of types of photography, such as portraits, weddings, merchandise, and fashion, among others. They can create the right atmosphere for each type of photo shoot with specific sets, props, lighting, and other elements, depending on their specialization.

What to consider when choosing a photo studio?

Photographer work in professional studio

1. The Professional Photographer

The photographer(s) who run a professional photography studio are essential to its success. Whether you have a real estate company, a restaurant, or any other type of business and are looking for new ways to enhance your brand or reach a new audience, relying on the work of a good photographer is a great way to maximize results.

A photographer must possess innate and learned artistic skills, but they must also meet some important requirements:

Experience: You’ll want to make sure that the professional photography studio photographer has proven experience not only as a photographer but also in the field of photography you need. Typically, an experienced photographer will have a reputation built in the industry, testimonial validation of their work, and relationships with a wide range of companies. They will also have a broad portfolio.

Focus: Each person has their own set of experiences and knowledge, and this applies to photography as well. Photographers have different perspectives and approaches when conducting a professional photography studio. The style, creativity, and point of view conveyed in each image are analyzed when selecting a professional photographer. If there’s someone you like best, they might be the right person for your project.

Portfolio: Different types of artists and creators are represented in the portfolio, which showcases their creative and career paths. Professional photographers showcase their style, value, and expertise to their potential clients with their work. Reviewing it carefully will give you key clues about the trend update and its final results.

2. Tools & Equipment

Many people believe that taking good photographs requires expensive professional equipment and high-quality artificial lighting, but to the surprise of many, this is not true. A true professional photographer can produce stunning images even with natural light and basic equipment.

However, in order to hire a professional photographer, it is essential that they know how to use state-of-the-art equipment, such as cameras, lenses, props, flashes, lights, computers, and other editing resources. A professional photographer’s portfolio should reflect excellent tools and technical skills.

3. Qualifications

Photographers often come from other creative fields, many of them have earned degrees as graphic designers, fashion designers, communicators, and/or visual artists before deciding to study photography formally. This gives them an attractive advantage by providing additional insights to increase the value of the bottom line.

In this regard, it is crucial that you always check the qualifications and prior preparation of the professional photographer you decide to work with, not only to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and preparation to do high-quality work, but also to know if they have an interesting vision thanks to their previous experiences.

4. Space

The level of photography studies is very diverse. Some have state-of-the-art facilities, while others focus exclusively on open areas, moving equipment to the agreed location in each session. The location of the studio should be verified and a visit scheduled before making the decision to hire, regardless of your company’s particular need.

Considering that the size, size, and location of the studio can all affect the overall client experience, you may want to consider these fundamental aspects before choosing the professional photography studio that best suits the style and needs of your project.

5. Budget

People didn’t expect professional photography services to be so cheap.  You’re paying not only for the experience and time invested in the project, but also for all the time spent acquiring knowledge, insurance, equipment, maintenance, post-production, and professional photography studios. However, you don’t have to pay for the most expensive option on the market.

You will always be able to find a professional photographer who will do the work you need and be within your company’s budget because there is a wide variety of professional photographers. Consider a few photographers you like and decide which one fits your budget best, of course, always being fair according to what we have mentioned above.

As a final piece of advice

Although you may have gotten the best photography studio, wait. Do you think that’s it and that there’s no need for further improvements? Before you decide on one, you should be sure that you will get the most professional photo studio result. There are hundreds of providers that offer the same service. Don’t let them fool you. One should be chosen that can meet all your requirements, particularly impressive quality, quick completion of tasks, and reasonable price.

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