Top 3 Best Sushi Restaurants in Istanbul

Sushi Restaurants in Istanbul

A sushi restaurant is a type of restaurant that specializes in serving sushi, a traditional Japanese dish. Made using vinegared rice, usually topped with cooked or raw seafood, egg, or vegetables. In a sushi restaurant, the sushi chefs typically prepare the sushi in front of customers, using fresh ingredients and traditional Japanese techniques. These restaurants may also offer other Japanese dishes, such as tempura, ramen, or udon. Sushi restaurants in Istanbul can vary in terms of size, decor, and formality. Some may be small and casual, while others may be large and upscale. Many sushi restaurants also offer takeout or delivery options for customers who prefer to enjoy sushi at home.

Istanbul is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that boasts a diverse culinary scene, and sushi is no exception. From traditional to contemporary, Istanbul has a wealth of sushi restaurants that offer authentic Japanese cuisine made with fresh ingredients and expert craftsmanship. In this article, we will explore some of the top best sushi restaurants in Istanbul, highlighting their unique features and what makes them stand out. Whether you are a sushi connoisseur or simply looking to experience something new, this list will provide you with some excellent options to indulge in some of the best sushi Istanbul has to offer.

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The Best Sushi Restaurants In Istanbul

Sushi is a popular Japanese dish that has gained worldwide recognition for its delicious taste and healthy properties. Istanbul, a city with a rich history and diverse culture, is home to many exceptional sushi restaurants that offer a variety of sushi options to cater to all tastes and preferences.

1.- Ioki

For those seeking the finest sushi in Istanbul, look no further than Ioki. With a diverse and delectable menu featuring Japanese cuisine and creative sushi options, Ioki offers a relaxing and pristine atmosphere for all to enjoy. For those who desire privacy, the restaurant also offers private catering services, ideal for intimate occasions like birthdays.

Among the many must-try dishes, Ioki’s spicy Tiger Roll with fried sweet potatoes, shrimp, crab stick, avocado, and cream cheese is a standout, as is their Sashimi Salad with orange oil sauce. The restaurant’s chef’s selections include a sashimi combo and Nigiri mix that are sure to please any sushi lover. If sushi isn’t your preferred dish, try the scrumptious Yaki Ebi (shrimp in sweet and sour sauce) or the aromatic lemongrass soup. And if you simply can’t decide, leave the decision in the chef’s expert hands.

Indulge in the ultimate Japanese dining experience at Ioki and savor the array of exquisite dishes that await you. With its relaxed ambiance, exceptional service, and mouth-watering menu, Ioki is a must-visit restaurant for all sushi aficionados in Istanbul.

2.- Inari Omakase

In Istanbul, the Inari Omakase sushi restaurant is a must-visit for any seafood enthusiast. Chef and sushi artist Barlas Günebak has created a signature crunchy texture for his dishes, such as the Haru Maki, black tiger shrimp tempura, and corn kakiage (sweetcorn tempura), with a fried popcorn-like quality. While slightly more expensive than other establishments, the restaurant’s delightful cuisine and minimalistic décor make it an ideal choice for business lunches.

The Inari Omakase menu boasts rare ingredients, including the Style Foie Gras Nigiri, paired with a delectable caramel sauce, and the Style Suzuki Nigiri, a spicy caramel sauce-coated seabass variation. The Jou Sashimi Mori, with 15 types of fish, is also a recommended dish.

In addition to a broad wine list, the restaurant serves exceptional cocktails, mocktails, and alcoholic beverages. Inari Omakase also stands out as one of the few Asian restaurants with an impressive dessert selection. Indulge in the walnut & maple mochi, Nutella mochi, or the Coco Houko, a chocolatey coconut ice cream.

Experience an unforgettable culinary journey at Inari Omakase, where expertly crafted dishes meet the freshest ingredients, accompanied by top-notch drinks and desserts, all served in an ambiance of sleek elegance.

3.- Miyabi Sushi

Discover the visually stunning Miyabi Sushi, a beloved Japanese eatery in Istanbul. Not only does it serve up delectable cuisine, but each dish is presented in a creative and colorful manner that’s a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Miyabi Sushi boasts an extensive selection of sushi options, making it difficult to choose just one. Notable dishes include the Moon Lover, which features shrimp, salmon, as well as the Nina, which includes paneled shrimp, fresh chili tuna, teriyaki and chili sauce, and sesame. Even the dish names are entertaining, like Samurai, Yummy Tummy, and Yakuza.

If you’re seeking healthier options, try the rainbow salad that offers an array of seafood and crunchy salad. For a more indulgent treat, the corn tempura is prepared in a unique and delicious way that you’ve never experienced before.

Miyabi Sushi’s simplistic decor allows you to witness the skilled Japanese chefs hard at work, adding to the overall experience. Don’t miss out on these top sushi restaurants in Istanbul, where you’ll savor a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Why Is Istanbul A Choice To Have Sushi?

Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city that is known for its diverse culinary scene, which includes many international cuisines, including Japanese cuisine, such as sushi.

There are several reasons why Istanbul is a great choice to have sushi. Firstly, the city has a large and growing expat community, including many Japanese expats, which has led to an increase in the number of Japanese restaurants in Istanbul. Many of these restaurants offer authentic and high-quality sushi, made with fresh fish and other ingredients imported from Japan.

Secondly, Istanbul is situated on the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, and ultimately to the Mediterranean Sea. This strategic location makes Istanbul a hub for seafood, and many of the city’s restaurants source their fish and other seafood locally, ensuring that it is fresh and of high quality.

Finally, Istanbul is a city that values diversity and embraces new experiences, making it a great place to try different types of cuisine, including sushi. Whether you are a sushi lover or new to the cuisine, Istanbul has many options to choose from and is definitely worth considering as a destination for sushi.


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