Top 3 psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey

Young person with anxiety talking to specialist. Top 3 psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey

Psychiatry is a medical field that focuses on identifying, curing, and preventing mental disorders. Turkey has many highly qualified and knowledgeable psychiatrists who offer excellent treatment to their patients. This article will examine a selection of renowned psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey who possess extensive experience and are known for providing exceptional treatment.

Top best psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey

Young person with anxiety talking to specialist.
Top 3 psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey

If you are experiencing prolonged psychological exhaustion or stress, it may be beneficial to consult with a professional psychiatrist to help you regain a functional state of mind. Your specialist should have knowledge about the chemistry and physiology of your patients’ brains in order to help you manage your emotions. If you require a psychological evaluation, it is advisable to start by undergoing specific evaluations with a professional such as the best psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey. This is what we refer to in the following list.

1.- Prof. Dr. Murat Emül

Prof. Dr. Murat Emül

Prof. Dr. Emül is a highly regarded psychiatrist currently working at the Department of Psychiatry at Istanbul University in Istanbul. She has been working in this area for over three decades and is particularly passionate about helping people with mental health issues. Dr. Emül has written numerous articles on depression and anxiety disorders in renowned medical journals.

2.- Prof. Dr. Ali Saffet Gonul

Prof. Dr. Ali Saffet Gonul

Prof. Dr. Gonul is an experienced psychiatrist currently holding a position in the Department of Psychiatry at Ege University in Izmir. She has been working in this area for over 25 years and enjoys focusing on the problems and solutions of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Prof. Dr. Gonul has written numerous research articles on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in renowned medical journals.

3.- Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yücel Agargün

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yücel Agargün

Prof. Dr. Agargün is a highly regarded psychiatrist who currently holds a position in the Department of Psychiatry at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. She has been working in this area for more than two decades and is passionate about helping people with addictions and sleep problems. Prof. Dr. Agargün has written multiple articles on sleep and addiction problems in well-known medical journals.

Benefits of going to a psychologist

Some people think that going to a psychologist means you’re not strong, but that’s not true. Counseling can help you become more emotionally resilient and cope with the challenges in your life.


What are the benefits of psychotherapy?

In the past, seeking help from professionals for mental health issues was considered shameful, a stigma that still exists today. Although it has become a common practice, it is justified because everyone is likely to require psychological assistance at some point, and psychotherapy has proven to be effective.

Consequently, seeking therapy is a demonstration of wisdom and courage, as many times the individual who requires help is not aware of their problem or avoids facing it. Some people are unaware of the right time to consult a psychologist, mainly due to misconceptions about what psychotherapy entails and who it is aimed at.

A psychotherapist is a person who studies how your mind works and how it affects your feelings and actions. They can help you learn how to deal with your everyday problems and improve your life.

It is critical to understand not only the technical aspects of psychotherapy, but also how this work can prove beneficial to patients. In this way, you will be able to discover the advantages offered by psychological therapy.

They are great for improving health.

marriage problems. 
Top 3 psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey

When you talk to a psychologist about the issues that worry you or make you unhappy. And when you can share your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly with someone who doesn’t criticize you. You’re releasing your hidden emotions and memories, which can improve your mental health.

You feel better when you share your emotions and let go of your worries. Provoking a catharsis is a term that comes from the Greek and means cleansing or purification. It is a psychological concept that describes how people can get rid of bad feelings by expressing them.

Provides you with tools to resolve conflicts

It is common for people to experience conflict in their lives, and sometimes these conflicts are essential for personal development or living in harmony with others. Psychotherapy sessions help you learn different (better) methods for coping with problems.

In addition, it can alter your perspective on conflicts, making them less impactful and allowing you to downplay their importance. By adapting to new situations, you will be more effective and have fewer problems in your personal or work life.

Helps you modify societal beliefs and biases

Our beliefs and values shape our understanding of the world and give it structure. Each individual may perceive the same circumstance in a unique way. Our beliefs simplify our understanding of the world and are not necessarily proven truths.

We learn many beliefs that are not natural, but harmful or restrictive, and we need to change them, because they are not fixed, but modifiable. As a result, the psychologist can help you recognize, examine, evaluate, and change them.

Help to live in harmony with others and yourself

Authentic scene of a young person undergoing psychological therapy.
Top 3 psychiatrists in Istanbul, Turkey

Attending therapy allows you to gain self-awareness and overcome challenges, such as an existential crisis, through introspection. In addition, psychotherapy can help with work-related or relationship-related issues.

Consequently, psychological therapy can help you resolve these types of issues and is beneficial for self-discovery and improved interpersonal connections. This will improve your psychological well-being and allow you to discover inner harmony and happiness.

Professional Advice

The psychotherapist is highly trained in psychological therapy and possesses a deep knowledge of human behavior, having graduated from a university with a regulated psychology program. It does not use fixed methods to treat psychological problems, but instead examines each situation individually and considers the person’s thoughts, behaviors, and life circumstances.

Psychological therapy is not about sharing your problems with a friend or family member, as it is based on scientific evidence and practical methods. It is not a matter of following the instructions in a book, but of changing the way of acting and thinking in order to achieve the desired result. The reason results are long-lasting is because they are influenced by the individual’s traits and the environment they inhabit.

Helps you cope with life

The relationship between therapist and patient should not be dependent, according to one of the goals of psychotherapy. Therefore, the psychologist helps you feel more confident and learn new skills that will help you overcome difficulties in your daily life.

Participating in psychological therapy is not depending on the psychologist to solve your problems. It is understanding and embracing yourself. And having the determination to alter what makes you unhappy or prevents you from developing.

It allows you to get to know yourself better

In psychotherapy, we engage in the process of challenging our previous beliefs about ourselves.” The psychologist helps the client to better understand themselves in the sessions. Not only is this exciting from an existential perspective, but it also helps identify problematic behavior patterns and meaningful emotions. Allowing us to manage and direct them effectively without disrupting our daily routines.

In addition, many of the methods used require following a series of instructions to get used to recognizing the various emotions, thoughts, and situations that arise from our problems.

It provides an environment where you can express yourself honestly

The psychologist must not only possess knowledge and professionalism, but also create an environment of trust. This environment will allow you to share your most sensitive problems and feelings, which you will not be able to reveal to others.

The psychologist will not judge you and possesses the experience necessary to establish a safe. And compassionate atmosphere where you can freely share your thoughts and feelings.

Strengthens social skills

Psychotherapy doesn’t just focus on the psychological management of emotions and thoughts. It can also focus “outward” on the person’s personal relationships.

This involves improving communication skills, managing anxiety during interactions with unfamiliar people. And gaining the ability to approach conflict with confidence.

Helps prevent relapses and emotional meltdowns

Psychotherapy can help people learn to recognize and avoid the triggers of their disorder. Which is why they sought help from a psychologist in the first place. This is crucial when it comes to diseases such as addictions, where preventing relapses is critical.

Psychological therapy changes your brain

Research in the field of neurology is uncovering more and more evidence that psychotherapy can change the physical structure of the brain. Leading to a more positive outlook on life and better coping skills for daily challenges.

Confidentiality of sessions

The connection with the psychologist is private and strictly work-related. According to the code of ethics and deontology of the Official College of Psychologists. The psychology professional has the duty to protect the privacy. And confidentiality of all the information that his clients share with him.

As a result, anything you share with your therapist during a session will be confidential and not revealed to anyone else. This makes it possible to create a system in which deeply personal anxieties can be addressed.

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