Top 3 day care centers in Istanbul, Turkey

day care centers in istanbul

Day care centres serve as crucial institutions in the lives of numerous families, providing a secure and supportive setting for children as their parents engage in professional pursuits or attend to their daily obligations. In the urban setting of Istanbul, Turkey, characterised by its vibrant atmosphere and the constant pressures of contemporary society, day care centres have emerged as a highly valued asset for parents who are employed. This blog aims to undertake an exploration of the three most prominent day care centers in Istanbul, Turkey.

The significance of these centres extends well beyond basic convenience. Early childhood education centres provide environments in which children have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, develop, and engage in social interactions, hence promoting their overall growth in key domains such as social skills, cognitive capabilities, and emotional wellness. Furthermore, parents derive advantages from the sense of reassurance that accompanies their awareness that their children are under the care of competent individuals.

The objective of this post is to provide an in-depth analysis of these day care centers, highlighting their notable attributes and distinctive characteristics that set them apart in a metropolis renowned for its multiculturalism and vibrant heritage. This blog serves as a complete reference for individuals wishing to make an informed decision regarding the selection of an optimal day care facility in Istanbul, whether they are parents in search of the ideal child care solution or individuals interested in exploring the finest accessible options.

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Top 3 Day Care Centers in Istanbul

  1. Cevre Erenköy Pre-School

Cevre Erenkoy Pre-School has been doing great work since 1998. 1700 kids from kindergarten through high school have been getting ready for the future. In line with the ideas and goals of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the father of the Istanbul republic, the generations we are responsible for are good at speaking their native language and have high goal-setting in school. They know a lot about science, culture, sports, and the arts, and they are involved and productive in these areas. They are very good at speaking other languages and know about other countries as well as their own.

Cevre Erenkoy Pre-School want their students to be good citizens who make a difference in the world, but they also want them to be happy people who work hard, are successful, are skilled in many areas of life, and have strong morals and attitudes.

 Cevre Erenkoy Pre-School see each of their students

Who has their own unique values and traits, as a valuable gift that has been given to them. Their skilled and knowledgeable teachers and caregivers are the ones who will make the future. By teaching the kids 21st century skills, they help and support them as they grow and develop in a safe and healthy setting. They are sure that they will always do what is right for the future of their children, their country, and the world, and they will do it with great care.

This preschool is open to kids from all over the world and is located on a hill on the European side of the Bosphorus. Since they first opened their doors in 1996, they have made the school a nice and welcoming place for kids and their families. The school is like a home away from home; it cares for and teaches the kids to give them a good start to school.

The educational program is carefully planned to meet the needs of each child’s stage of growth. Age-appropriate learning tools add to their wide range of classes. At every step, kids are encouraged to be creative, explore, be curious, and get good at their skills. The child’s physical growth is an important part of the day care program. Their music, dance, gymnastics, and movement classes help them grow physically, and the nutritionally balanced menu at pre-school pushes them to eat well.

  1. Bosphorus International Preschool

A child’s growth isn’t complete until they have a strong sense of community. Bosphorus International Preschool stresses the importance of sharing, working together, and being tolerant. When working with the kids, the teachers there use a positive method that encourages good behavior. Children are told to be accountable for what they do. Children from different cultures learn to respect each other’s differences and work together in this setting.

The staff at Bosphorus International Preschool are very educated and have a lot of experience. The teachers here have degrees in early childhood education and really love working with little kids. The preschool is unique because they are committed to helping each child grow in all areas.

Bosphorus International Preschool also puts safety first. The building is carefully kept up, and safety rules are strictly followed. Protecting children from harm, making sure there are safe ways to enter and leave, and focusing on keeping the area clean and germ-free all help the kids’ general health.

The way the preschool teaches is based on the idea that kids learn best by playing, exploring, and doing things with their hands. Bosphorus International Preschool has a well-rounded curriculum that promotes social skills, creativity, and critical thought. Their activities are meant to help them grow intellectually while also helping them grow emotionally and socially.

Bosphorus International Preschool gets great reviews from parents who have sent their kids there. The caring environment, hardworking staff, and many learning opportunities that kids have at the preschool are praised in the good reviews. Parents and school have a strong sense of community, which helps build a network of support that helps the kids do well in school generally. They know that no matter what method is used, an early learning center can’t work without a loving and caring atmosphere.

  1. Gülen Yüzler Koleji Anaokulu

Gülen Yüzler Koleji Anaokulu opened its doors to pre-school educators in April 2012. It was the idea of an optimistic teacher mother who raised her kids in nurseries while working full-time and always keeping an eye on the back. Their main goal is to create a warm family setting for the children while not leaving the parents behind who trust them with their children. This is based on their core values of “RESPECT AND LOVE FOR PEOPLE.” According to Gülen Yüzler Koleji Anaokulu, their goal is to provide a caring and trustworthy space for your children. Who are your most valuable asset, while also becoming your second home.

Students get better at five basic areas of development:

psychomotor, social, emotional, self-care, and cognitive. They also have a lot of self-control and confidence. Know basic life skills, love their country, family, and home, are sensitive to and respectful of others and their environment, and are honest. Their goal is to raise kids who are happy and smiley, who know how to share, who are responsible, who know how to express themselves in a socially acceptable way, who have grown as people, who are at peace with themselves, who are productive, who know right from wrong, and who are loyal to national, spiritual, and moral ideals.

As a way to make sure that Gülen Yüzler Koleji Anaokulu students get the best possible education and learning environment in cognitive, social, emotional, and physical areas, the school uses a programme that combines the Gems, Scamper, High Scope, Courtesy Rules, and Living Values approaches. This programme is based on active learning and questioning.

Kids in this programme learn by asking questions, doing things, having fun, and developing their strengths and hobbies. They come from the warmth of a family, the duty, and the experience of teachers. They also understand and feel what you’re going through as parents, so they are ready to love your kids.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Day Care Center

When making the decision of selecting an appropriate day care centre for one’s child. It is important to thoroughly evaluate a number of important factors. Each of these factors plays a role in determining the overall quality and appropriateness of a day care centre. Let we explore these fundamental factors:

  • Location and Accessibility:

When deciding on a day care, proximity to your home is an important consideration. It’s most convenient if it’s close to your house or office for dropping off and picking up. A convenient centre can lessen the stress and inconvenience of the everyday commute.

  • Staff Qualifications and Experience:

The people who work at a day care are what make it what it is. It is important to find out about the caregivers’ and trainers’ credentials and experience. Check to see if they have early childhood education certifications and think about how well they can keep your child safe and cared for. A lot of the time, staff members with a lot of experience can really help kids grow and learn. They can also make sure that each child gets the care they need.

  • Safety and Cleanliness:

Safety should be the most important thing. Check to see if the day care follows strict safety rules. Check for safe ways to get in and out, ways to keep kids out, and evacuation plans. To stop the spread of diseases, it’s also important to keep the area clean and germ-free. Pay attention to how clean the play places, toys, and buildings are.

  • Educational Programs and Activities:

Take into consideration the educational programs and activities that are provided by the day care center. Seek out an inclusive curriculum that fosters holistic growth across cognitive, social, and emotional domains. Inquire about the accessibility of educational resources and activities that are suitable for the respective age group. An all-encompassing curriculum will effectively foster the development and inquisitiveness of your child.

  • Parent Reviews and Recommendations:

When deciding on a day care center, parent reviews are one of the most helpful resources available. Ask other parents whose kids have visited the facility for their thoughts and advice. They have first-hand knowledge of the facility’s advantages and disadvantages, which they may share with you. Such testimonials can be found in a variety of areas, including online resources, social media groups, and local parent communities.


In conclusion, the process of choosing an appropriate day care centre or preschool for one’s child is an important decision that necessitates meticulous deliberation. The Preschools has been thoroughly examined and its exceptional qualities have been emphasised. However, it is important to acknowledge that the requirements and preferences of each family are distinct.

Prior to making a decision, it is advisable to allocate sufficient time to perform comprehensive research. Visit potential establishments, and actively interact with both staff members and parents. The perspectives they offer can be of great value in facilitating a well-informed decision that is congruent with the welfare of your child and your personal tranquilly.

We strongly urge our readers to actively engage in the sharing of their personal experiences and recommendations, fostering a sense of community support. Your perspectives have the potential to provide valuable guidance to fellow parents seeking high-quality childcare solutions in Istanbul.

It is worth noting that Istanbul offers a wide range of high-quality day care centres and preschools. Ensuring a diverse selection for parents seeking such services. By acquiring accurate information and receiving appropriate direction. One can choose an optimal educational environment that fosters the growth and development of their child. Thereby guaranteeing a promising future characterised by intellectual advancement and exploration.

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