Top 3 Best Urologists for Erectile Dysfunction in Istanbul Turkey

Best Urologists for Erectile Dysfunction in Istanbul Turkey

Specialist doctors known as urologists identify and manage a variety of diseases that affect the male reproductive system and urinary tract. Erectile dysfunction, a problem that impairs a man’s capacity to achieve or maintain an erection, is among the frequent conditions they address. To identify the underlying causes of ED, which may include physiological, psychological, or medical issues, urologists perform a variety of tests and examinations. Following a diagnosis, urologists may suggest a range of therapies, such as drugs, diet modification, or surgical procedures. A urologist can also recommend a person to other experts, like an endocrinologist or therapist, based on the extent and underlying cause of the disease to ensure thorough care.

Moreover, urologists offer preventive care and can offer guidance on how to maintain general urological health. In order to better their quality of life, they cooperate with patients to comprehend their particular concerns and create individualized treatment plans.

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What Can Urologists Do For Ed?

Urologists are medical experts who specialize in diagnosing and treating various conditions that affect the male reproductive system and urinary tract, including erectile dysfunction (ED). They use several methods to investigate the underlying cause of ED in patients.

Firstly, urologists take a comprehensive medical history to understand how ED affects the patient and identify any pre-existing health conditions. They also ask questions about sexual activity to establish specific problems experienced by the patient, such as erections, ejaculation, or sexual desire.

Secondly, urologists perform a physical examination, which includes checking for signs of an underlying illness such as blood pressure and heartbeat. They examine the penis and testicles for appearance and sensitivity to touch and may test the prostate for enlargement.

Thirdly, urologists may conduct blood and urine tests to measure blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, hormone levels, and liver, kidney, or thyroid function. These tests can help identify any underlying medical issues that may be contributing to ED.

Fourthly, an injection test may be performed in which medicine is injected into the base of the penis to cause an erection. If an erection does not occur, it may indicate a problem with blood flow.

Finally, a penile Doppler ultrasound may be conducted to determine how well blood flows in and out of the penis through the arteries and veins. The results of these tests can help urologists identify potential causes of ED and recommend the best course of treatment for the patient.

Apart from identifying the root cause of ED, urologists can recommend a range of treatments, including medications, lifestyle changes, and surgical procedures. Urologists can also provide preventive care services and advice on strategies to maintain overall urological health. They work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans to improve their quality of life.

Advantages Of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul in Turkey is one of the top choices in the world for urology related treatments and surgeries such as penile prosthesis, P Shot (Priapus Shot®), Robotic Prostatectomy, PRP for erectile dysfunction and enhancement, etc. Majority of the medical tourists visit Istanbul and Turkey for urology related treatments and surgeries from the Middle East, Gulf and European countries.

The quality urologists, surgeons and doctors in Turkey are also one of the most popular and well-known ones in the world. You’ll also find world class clinics at very affordable prices.

Top Urologists For Erectile Dysfunction In Turkey

Spc. Dr. Murad Celtik

Dr. Murad Celtik is a highly reputable urologist who practices in Istanbul, Turkey. He is renowned for his expertise in various urological treatments and procedures. Dr. Celtik sees patients at his private clinic located in Sisli, a central and modern part of Istanbul. He performs surgeries at Private Taksim Acibadem Hospital, which is one of the most prominent private hospitals in the city.

Dr. Celtik received his medical education from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, one of the top medical schools in Turkey. Following his medical education, he pursued his specialization in urology and has over 15 years of experience in the field. In 2015, he obtained the “Sexual Therapy Training” certificate by participating in the Normal and Advanced Level of Sexual Therapy courses held by CISED (Sexual Health Institute). Dr. Celtik also received the “Marriage and Couple Therapy” training opened by CISED in 2016.

Dr. Celtik has worked at several public and private hospitals in Turkey during his career. He is highly specialized in treating erectile dysfunction using shockwave therapy (EDSWT), sexual therapy for patients, needle therapy for erectile dysfunction (intracavernosal injection), penile and testicular prosthesis applications, microsurgical varicocele surgery, MicroTESE, Endoscopic Ureteral Stone therapy, Prostate Surgery (TUR-P, Plasmakinetics, Greenlight laser prostate surgery), and bladder cancer surgery (TUR-T) with an endoscopic method. He has performed numerous procedures and has helped many patients recover from various urological disorders.

Prof. Dr. Remzi Saglam

Prof. Dr. Remzi Saglam, another prominent urologist, has more than 42 years of experience in the field. He is currently the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors, and he was a founding member and chairman of the Endourology Association and the editor of the Journal of Endourology. He graduated from Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in 1970 and later went on to become a Urology Specialist in June 1977. Dr. Saglam has a wide range of expertise and has attended different congresses in Turkey and abroad with his papers and has published over 60 scientific papers and attended numerous scientific meetings and panels.

Dr. Murat Bagisgil

Dr. Murat Bagisgil is another renowned urologist with over 19 years of experience. He specializes in the management of prostate cancer, bladder cancers, kidney tumors, renal outlet obstruction, urinary reflux to the kidney, hypospadias treatment, minimally invasive surgeries, and more. Dr. Bagisgil received his medical education at Istanbul Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty and has worked at prestigious organizations such as London Hospital Medical College, England, Miami University, Cedars Medical Center, New York Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center hospital, Medicana International Hospital, and more. He has published both national and international publications, and he is actively invited as a guest speaker in scientific meetings, CME’s, and worldwide conferences to talk about Urological disorders. Dr. Bagisgil is also a member of the Turkish Urology Association, Endourology Association, Andrology Association, and EAU.

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