Top 3 best styling schools in Istanbul

styling schools in Istanbul

The fashion industry in Istanbul has thrived, exhibiting a distinctive fusion of conventional and modern styles within the lively and dynamic city. The present piece of writing delves into the fashion industry of Istanbul, highlights the significance of enrolling in a prestigious styling institution, and offers a glimpse into the leading three styling schools situated in the metropolis.

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Top 3 Best Styling Schools in Istanbul 

Let us now delve into the preeminent three fashion institutes in Istanbul that provide extensive curricula and exceptional prospects for budding fashion stylists.

1.İMA (İstanbul Moda Akademisi) 

The Istanbul Moda Akademisi, popularly known as İMA, is a renowned fashion institution situated in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Renowned for its exceptional fashion education and industry-focused curricula, İMA has solidified its position as a preeminent establishment for aspiring fashion experts. The academy provides a diverse array of courses and workshops that cater to different facets of the fashion industry. 

One of the primary assets of İMA lies in its dedication towards furnishing a comprehensive and practical education in the field of fashion. The academy provides courses in various fields, including fashion design, pattern making, fashion marketing, fashion styling, fashion management, and other related areas. The purpose of these programmes is to provide students with the essential abilities and understanding to excel in the ever-changing and cutthroat realm of fashion. 

Apart from its academic programme, İMA also arranges diverse events, fashion shows, and exhibitions to exhibit the ingenuity and aptitude of its students. These platforms offer significant exposure to students, enabling them to network with industry experts, potential employers, and fashion enthusiasts. 

The campus of İMA is furnished with state-of-the-art facilities and resources that promote an environment conducive to learning. The institution recognises the significance of hands-on instruction, and students are provided with cutting-edge facilities such as workshops, design studios, computer laboratories, and specialised apparatus to actualize their imaginative concepts. 

2.Vakko Esmod Istanbul 

Vakko Esmod Istanbul is a prestigious institution for fashion design and a centre of creativity situated in Istanbul, Turkey. This partnership involves the esteemed Turkish fashion label, Vakko, and the renowned international fashion education institution, Esmod International Fashion Academy, working together in collaboration. Vakko Esmod Istanbul provides an extensive array of programmes and courses in the realm of fashion design and its associated disciplines, with the objective of fostering and enhancing the imaginative abilities of potential fashion experts.  

The collaboration between Vakko and Esmod unites the proficiency and assets of two distinguished entities in the realm of fashion. Vakko, possessing a profound legacy and expertise in opulent fashion, furnishes a valuable forum for scholars to acquire perspicacity into the operations of a thriving fashion enterprise. On the contrary, Esmod International contributes its distinguished syllabus and worldwide outlook to the partnership, guaranteeing that learners obtain an education of a universal calibre. 

At Vakko Esmod Istanbul, students are granted entry to cutting-edge facilities, such as design workspaces, stitching workshops, computational laboratories, and a comprehensively furnished fashion repository. The institution prioritises practical instruction and experiential learning, enabling students to manifest their imaginative concepts into palpable fashion articles. By means of diverse workshops, projects, and partnerships, students are afforded the chance to cultivate their proficiencies in domains such as pattern making, garment construction, textile design, fashion illustration, and other related fields. 

The academic staff at Vakko Esmod Istanbul comprises of proficient practitioners and specialists from the industry who offer direction and tutelage to the students. Their extensive knowledge and practical experience enrich the classroom, providing invaluable perspectives on the dynamic fashion industry and its constantly changing trends. The faculty members are dedicated to fostering the unique abilities of every student and directing them towards achieving their artistic aptitude. 

The appeal of Vakko Esmod Istanbul is enhanced by its location in Istanbul, a city renowned for its dynamic fashion industry and cultural opulence. Istanbul is a hub of artistic expression and ingenuity, drawing in fashion designers, events, and fashion weeks from various corners of the globe. At Vakko Esmod Istanbul, students have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic atmosphere, where they can familiarise themselves with various cultural influences and keep up with the most recent fashion trends.


3.LaSalle College Istanbul 

LaSalle College Istanbul is a renowned institution for tertiary education in the domains of design, fashion, arts, and commerce, situated in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. LCI Education network is a widely recognised institution that has established its global presence in more than 25 countries. LaSalle College Istanbul has positioned itself as a distinguished option for students who aspire to pursue careers in the creative industries, owing to its dedication to delivering quality education and cultivating creativity. 

LaSalle College Istanbul provides a wide array of programmes, encompassing Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Game Design, Business Administration, and other related fields. The aforementioned programmes are meticulously crafted to endow students with the essential expertise, abilities, and hands-on training to excel in their preferred domains. The educational programme is regularly revised to incorporate current industry patterns and requirements, guaranteeing that students obtain a modern and industry-applicable education. 

The faculty members at LaSalle College Istanbul are highly qualified professionals and specialists in their respective domains. The instructors possess a plethora of industry expertise, scholarly achievements, and a fervent dedication to imparting knowledge in the educational setting. Under the guidance and mentorship of their instructors, students are motivated to delve into their creative potential, exercise critical thinking skills, and cultivate a distinctive artistic expression. 

LaSalle College Istanbul’s campus is furnished with contemporary amenities and resources that foster an environment conducive to learning. Students are granted entry to adequately furnished studios, workshops, computer laboratories, and specialised apparatus that are pertinent to their respective fields of study. The institution recognises the significance of practical involvement and motivates students to engage in hands-on projects, exhibitions, and industry partnerships. 

A noteworthy facet of LaSalle College Istanbul is its robust affiliations and collaborations with the industry movers and shakers. The institution upholds strong relationships with prominent corporations, creative agencies, and experts in the field, both domestically and globally. The aforementioned connections furnish students with advantageous prospects for internships, work placements, and networking, thereby enabling them to acquire practical experience and establish contacts in their respective fields. 

Finally, LaSalle College Istanbul places great emphasis on a comprehensive global outlook in education and motivates students to actively participate in diverse cultural encounters and experiences. The institution provides exchange programmes and study abroad opportunities, enabling scholars to expand their perspectives, acquire global exposure, and cultivate a worldwide outlook. 

The Fashion Industry in Istanbul 

Due to its extensive historical and cultural legacy, Istanbul has emerged as a central location for individuals with a passion for fashion. The urban center’s strategic positioning amidst the Eastern and Western hemispheres has exerted a significant impact on its sartorial inclinations, culminating in a unique amalgamation of diverse cultures and fashion sensibilities. Istanbul boasts of a wide array of creative expressions, ranging from conventional Ottoman-inspired designs to avant-garde contemporary fashion. 

Over the past few years, Istanbul has observed the rise of proficient fashion designers who have achieved global acclaim. The novelty of their designs and unique viewpoints have garnered the interest of both fashion aficionados and professionals within the industry. Istanbul’s fashion industry is teeming with ingenuity, rendering it a thrilling destination for budding fashion stylists. 

Why Attend a Reputable Styling School? 

Enrolling in a prestigious fashion institution can prove to be an important milestone in forging a thriving profession in the realm of fashion. Although some people may have an innate talent for fashion, obtaining a formal education can establish a strong base and crucial abilities necessary to thrive in the industry. 

Advantages of formal education in fashion styling 

There are myriad benefits that formal education can provide to individuals who aspire to become fashion stylists. The programme offers a well-organized educational setting that enables students to acquire extensive expertise in fashion history, garment assembly, colour principles, and trend prediction. Mastery of the art of fashion styling and staying ahead of industry trends requires a firm grasp of these fundamental skills. 

Skill development and industry exposure 

Established institutions for fashion education typically employ proficient academic staff who are also recognised experts in the fashion industry. The mentorship and guidance provided by them can assist students in honing their creative aptitude and refining their competencies. Furthermore, these educational institutions frequently arrange industry-related programs such as fashion exhibitions, runway presentations, and guest speaker sessions, furnishing students with priceless chances to establish professional connections and gain insight into the fashion sector. 

Networking opportunities and professional connections

 Enrolling in a fashion institute provides an opportunity for students to network with individuals who possess similar interests and ardour for the fashion industry. The aforementioned connections have the potential to result in future collaborations, internships, and employment prospects.  

Final Thought 

Registering in a prestigious fashion styling institution in Istanbul can equip prospective fashion stylists with the requisite expertise, competencies, and networks to excel in the field. The metropolis boasts a wealth of fashion history, burgeoning styles, and a vibrant fashion industry, rendering it an optimal destination to commence a fashion styling expedition. Through the selection of an appropriate styling institution, students can acquire a thorough and all-encompassing learning experience, hone their imaginative skills, and establish a pathway towards a prosperous profession within the captivating realm of fashion. 

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