The 3 Best Places to Go as a Couple in Istanbul, Turkey

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With its rich history and exotic charm, Istanbul is a popular destination for a romantic couple’s outing. The following is a compilation of the most romantic places in and around Istanbul, Turkey along with all the romantic options available. The following list is meant to provide an unforgettable couple’s trip and help you fully appreciate the stunning places to go as a couple in Istanbul, Turkey.

The beauty of Istanbul is widely recognized around the world and has the ability to attract visitors repeatedly, whether for its gastronomy, cultural activities, or historical sites. Istanbul is a city that has always been associated with love, but the truth behind its existence is still unknown.

Our top best places to go as a couple in Istanbul, Turkey

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The best place to travel as a couple is Istanbul, so be there and have the best time. You will be able to experience romantic moments and leave a lasting impression. A combination of exceptional and remarkable landscapes allows you to experience the rich cultural heritage of this nation that is highly attractive. Discover unexpected places along the way with this fascinating guide.

Topkapi Palace, one of the best places to go as a couple

Topkapi Palace

The architecture of Topkapi Palace is a testament to its cultural and historical significance. Did you know that there are almost 12000 pieces of porcelain in the palace kitchen? Including a bowl of Chinese-made tiles that would change color if it contained poison. Topkapi Palace is a must-see if you plan to visit Istanbul and explore its history and culture.

Sultan Mehmed II built Topkapi Palace between 1460 and 1478, a few years after the conquest of Constantinople, and it is now one of the largest palaces in the world. The Ottoman sultans resided in the palace for almost 400 years. In addition, it functioned as an administrative and educational center of the State.

After Mehmed’s physical demise, the palace was occupied by about 30 sultans who were renovated and expanded, resulting in its current appearance, which mixes Islamic, European, and Ottoman architectural styles. With four courtyards and more than 400 rooms, the palace housed approximately 4,000 people, and the harem housed 300 concubines.

Istanbul Cistern, the submerged palace

Istanbul Cistern

One hundred meters southwest of Hagia Sophia is the Basilica Cistern. During the Byzantine period, this remarkable construction was built to compensate for the city’s water shortage by collecting rainwater. To avoid the risk of the Valens aqueduct being destroyed during the siege of Paris, they built cisterns. The name of the Basilica Cistern derives from an ancient basilica that was built on the same site.

Between 527 and 565, the basilica was erected during Byzantine rule by Justinian I It was named “Basilica of Yerebatan” because of its numerous columns that seem to ascend to heaven from the ground. Measuring 140 meters and ten feet long, the basilica is topped by 336 columns, each approximately 9 meters high. It’s a huge rectangular structure. These columns, which are 4.80 meters apart, form 12 rows and 28 columns. Access to the interior of the building is possible via a staircase that features 52 stone steps.

Creating this type of structure is a remarkable feat of engineering that was done 1500 years ago. Most of the columns used in this basilica come from earlier productions. Besieged for centuries, the inhabitants of Istanbul turned to water from rivers and canals in response to need. Water was also obtained from this basilica for the Roman palace.

They were built in the form of two structures, the 98 columns (one Corinth) and others (the Dor). The upper level is composed of columns connected by arches. Concrete is used to construct the floor of the basilica. In this way, water loss could be avoided. The concrete floor of the basilica has been around since 1500. years. The water storage capacity of the basilica, which occupies approximately 9800. square meters, is 100000. Metric tons of water.

The Suleiman Mosque

The Suleiman Mosque

One of Istanbul’s seven hills, the Suleiman Mosque is situated on one of its highest points, while its patron, Sultan Sulayman the Magnificent, has been the most influential figure in the memory of the Ottomans and in the Western imagination. He is arguably the most successful sultan in history, having demonstrated dedication to his work in war, law and art as well as in commerce.

The construction of Topkapi Palace by the Ottomans after the conquest of Constantinople made the old Byzantine palace obsolete. Subsequently, Suleiman decided to build his remarkable monument to Islam on the same spot by hiring Mimar Sinan, the most skilled architect and engineer of his generation. He took the job so seriously that he spent the night at the Suleiman Mosque for part of the time it lasted. During that time, his mission was truly ambitious: to surpass Hagia Sophia and its impressive dome.

The Suleiman Mosque involved the mobilization of 3500 workers, craftsmen and foremen who worked tirelessly from 1550 to 1558. The parks and gardens that enhance the surroundings of the mosque have been closed during the day, creating an atmosphere like no other. The külliye of the Suleiman Mosque houses a hospital, a school, four madrasas, a medical school, and a public kitchen, as well as the mausoleum of Sulevan and his wife Roxelana. All these buildings are part of the Islamic architecture of this complex.

Benefits of Romantic Getaways

Smiling man with trendy hairstyle carrying friend on piggyback on sunny autumn day places to go as a couple

The relationship is strengthened when you spend time alone on a weekly basis. According to numerous studies, thousands of couples have proven a golden rule in relationships that they go on only dates every week, increasing both parties’ chances of avoiding divorce by nearly 50%.

Any of the activities mentioned below, carried out with the couple, brings enormous advantages.


When it comes to opting for a romantic weekend getaway, the excitement and preparation are already underway, starting with planning your trip. The task of organizing the trip involves considering the days, places, transportation options, gastronomy and available route, among other things.

Also, while you’re waiting for that weekend, you can discuss it with other people and the event is a fun time. Having expectations for a trip is something you always want to experience. Whether it’s their first time traveling together or they’ve been away from home for an extended period, they can’t help but look forward to the day.

Minimize stress

Life is full of stress and worry. That’s why deciding to go on a date can help maintain good physical and mental health. It has been established that people who frequently disconnected from socializing experiences reduced stress levels, decreased the risk of heart attacks, and increased the likelihood of depression.

Doing leisure activities during the day and spending a few days in nature can not only enhance the bond between couples, but also help relieve their stress. Hence, it is recommended to establish routines such as staying in hotels, cabins or taking time to appreciate nature, which can improve the quality of life.

Strengthen the relationship

Couples in everyday life may find it difficult to find time to communicate effectively. Or they communicate after a stressful day or being very tired, making understanding each other as a couple a challenge.

Escaping and leaving provides an opportunity for conversation in a calm and serene atmosphere, where you can both feel comfortable and spend quality time together. Just the two of them.’ Time together is essential as it can be a complex situation in everyday life, especially for families with young children.

Healthier Relationships

Not only is it important for couples to go out together, but it will also be critical. Both parents will experience stress. As the mother will have more time to devote to her children and the father will be busy with work. In addition to being constantly stressed and tired. They may not have enough time and energy to be with their partner.

For this reason, it will be appreciated to take a break from the children and spend time together in peace and harmony. In addition, decreasing stress levels will facilitate the father’s presence and eliminate daily responsibilities.’ It makes it easier to coexist peacefully.

Increased throughput

Our productivity and spirit can suffer from fatigue when we work tirelessly. This is detrimental to our well-being. Not only does this impact our relationship, but it also damages our professional relationships and results in decreased performance.

To really rest and be able to connect with that person who accompanies us in life. It is important to avoid technology for as long as possible. That includes cell phones where they can be contacted by third parties or work. The intention of going out is to spend quality time with your partner.


Most likely, intimacy and romance are not very common after some time in relationships. Possibly this is due to the occupations of each one, which complicates things. So it becomes very important to organize a romantic getaway to stoke love and spend quality time together. It brings great benefits such as reliving intimacy, best of all. This feeling can last for several days even after you have arrived home. Long live love!

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