Top 3 best nurseries in Istanbul

nurseries in Istanbul

Choosing the right nursery for your kid is a big deal because it forms the basis for their early learning and growth. Istanbul is a really cool city that connects Europe and Asia. There are many different nurseries there that take good care of kids and help them learn in a nice place. In this blog post, we’ll check out the three best nurseries in Istanbul where your kids can grow and do well.

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Top 3 best nurseries in Istanbul 

1.Woodsview International Nursery And Preschool 

Sharon Harding established Woodsview International Nursery and Pre-school in Istanbul in 2000 and formulated the educational programme. The Woodsview curriculum was designed to cater to the educational needs of young learners hailing from diverse countries and cultures. The Woodsview Curriculum© offers a robust and psychologically nurturing environment that fosters a secure atmosphere for young children to acquire essential skills in the art of learning. The Woodsview methodology entails fostering a sense of empowerment in children by means of relinquishing some control and emphasising their unique strengths. 

The pre-school is presently overseen by Maresa, who holds a Montessori teaching certification and has completed several courses in the realm of child psychology. Maresa is the daughter of Sharon. Maresa has been providing pedagogical guidance to a cohort of young learners aged between 2 to 6 years since 1999. 

The educational programme at Woodsview institution is consistently being improved by integrating new perspectives and skills. The curriculum encompasses a broader range of components beyond the mere academic prerequisites. The aforementioned pertains to the delivery of all-encompassing care and gratification for every child throughout the academic day, with an emphasis on tailored assistance and fostering for each individual child. 

The educational establishment prioritises the provision of individualised care to minors, fostering a sense of safety and encouraging the expression of their creative needs within a familial-like atmosphere. 

The curriculum at Woodsview is tailored to cater to the requirements and preferences of children, and is organised in a manner that is centred on an inquiry-oriented methodology. The implementation of this curriculum is carried out via our English syllabus. The educational programme encompasses a varied array of disciplines, including linguistics, yoga, mathematics, natural sciences, fine arts, textile work, culinary arts, music, and physical training. 

2.Bosphorus International Preschool (BIPS) 

Bosphorus International Preschool (BIPS) is a distinguished academic establishment situated in Istanbul, Turkey. BIPS offers a high-quality educational environment for children between the ages of 2 and 6, with an emphasis on the acquisition of the English language. BIPS prioritises the cultivation of comprehensive development by emphasising the establishment of a strong basis for the academic, social, emotional, and physical advancement of children.  

The Bosphorus International Preschool has implemented English as the primary mode of instruction, affording young children the chance to participate in an immersive English-speaking environment. This methodology fosters the acquisition and mastery of language, equipping students with the necessary skills for their future academic pursuits in a world that is progressively more interconnected. 

BIPS’ proficient team of seasoned educators is a notable asset. The educators at BIPS exhibit a high level of expertise and dedication towards the field of early childhood education. They create an environment that fosters growth and intellectual development, catering for the individualised educational needs of each child. The educational institution upholds a reduced ratio of pupils to instructors, thereby guaranteeing individualised attention and mentorship for each student. 

Apart from its robust academic curriculum, Bosphorus International Preschool provides a variety of extra curriculum activities aimed at enhancing the educational journey of its students. The aforementioned activities encompass sports, dance, drama, and cultural events, which facilitate the development of creativity, self-expression, and teamwork. BIPS acknowledges the significance of parental engagement in the educational development of a child. The educational institution maintains transparent communication channels with guardians, furnishing periodic reports on their ward’s academic advancement and scheduling conferences between parents and teachers to deliberate on personalised growth strategies. BIPS believes that a robust collaboration between parents and educators is indispensable for the holistic development and welfare of every pupil.  

The facilities at BIPS is purposefully crafted to cater to the diverse facets of education during the formative years of childhood. The preschool is equipped with adequately furnished classrooms, a library, a playground, and other learning spaces that are appropriate for the age group of the children. The facilities have been specifically designed to foster a secure and stimulating atmosphere that promotes the pursuit of knowledge, discovery, and communal engagement.

3.Early Birds Preschool 

Early Birds Preschool is a really famous school in Istanbul, Turkey where you can learn a lot. The place is nice and helps little kids learn happily and with interest. Early Birds Preschool is a really good preschool that is committed to giving high-quality early childhood education. That’s why it’s a leading preschool in the region. The website for the preschool is One can get more information about the school’s values, academic programmes, and physical infrastructure. The website’s user interface is designed with a high degree of usability and effectively conveys the lively and stimulating ambiance of the preschool. 

Early Birds Preschool stands out due to its team of dedicated and proficient teachers. The educational institution selects educators who possess a profound understanding of child development and exhibit a genuine passion for instructing young learners. The educators provide a conducive and supportive environment for children’s growth and development. 

The Early Birds Preschool offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates various domains of learning. The educational programme endeavours to facilitate holistic development across various domains of an individual’s life, encompassing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical aspects. Children are often encouraged to engage in tactile activities, interactive games, and collaborative endeavours as a means of fostering a positive attitude towards education and enhancing their cognitive development. 

The facilities of the preschool are designed to cater to the needs of young children. The classrooms are spacious and well-illuminated. The institution provides age-appropriate educational resources to facilitate an engaging and enjoyable learning environment for children. Engaging in outdoor activities provides children with ample space to enhance their gross motor skills by enabling them to move around freely and effectively utilise their large muscle groups.  

Early Birds Preschool places great emphasis on establishing robust relationships with parents by working closely with them. The educational institution acknowledges the significance of parental involvement in their child’s academic pursuits and endeavours to encourage their active participation. Early Birds Preschool prioritises diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where children from diverse cultural backgrounds are valued and embraced. The preschool fosters the development of individuals who possess an appreciation for and an inclination to celebrate diversity through the inculcation of values such as tolerance, respect, and understanding.

Criteria for selecting best nurseries in Istanbul 

When you’re picking the top nurseries in Istanbul, you need to think about some important things. Here are some important things to think about: 

  • Safety and Security: Make sure that the safety and security of the kids is much secured. The baby room must be kept in good condition, with things that won’t harm the children. We need to make sure that the kids are safe and looked after properly by having enough adults around and following safety rules. 
  • Qualified and Experienced Staff: The nursery needs to have a team of staff who are qualified and experienced in early childhood education. Search for nurseries that have teachers and carers with proper certifications and who enjoy working with young kids. The staff needs to be good at creating a caring and helpful atmosphere. 
  • Age-Appropriate Curriculum: A good nursery should have a curriculum that is suitable for the age of the children and helps them develop in all areas. The school programme should have a mix of playing while learning, socialising, improving language skills, thinking exercises, and expressing creativity. 
  • Facilities and Resources: The nursery needs to have good facilities and resources that are good for kids to help them learn and grow. The place has big and clean classrooms, toys and stuff that are good for the age, places to play outside, and things like books, art things, and tools for learning. 
  • Health and Hygiene Practices: Search for nurseries that keep things clean, follow good hygiene rules, and take steps to stop sickness from spreading. We need to have good handwashing stations and rules, and teach the workers how to do basic first aid. 
  • Reputation and Recommendations: Think about what people in the community say about the nursery and if they recommend it. Ask other parents for their thoughts, look up reviews on the internet, and go to the nursery yourself to see how things are and watch how the kids and staff interact. 
  • Flexibility and Additional Services: Think about any extra stuff or things the nursery might do, like staying open longer, doing fun activities, giving healthy food, or helping with getting there. These extra things can make the experience better for kids and parents. 


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