Top 3 Best Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Clinics in Istanbul Turkey

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical nose reshaping, or liquid rhinoplasty, is a minimally invasive procedure in which a filler material is used to temporarily alter the shape, structure, and volume of the nose. During the procedure, the filler is injected beneath the skin.

People opt for non-surgical nose reshaping for various reasons, including dissatisfaction with the appearance of their nose or health issues related to their nose, such as respiratory problems or snoring. It is a suitable option for those who want to make changes to their appearance without undergoing a traditional surgical procedure, and who are comfortable with a temporary solution.

In conclusion, non-surgical nose reshaping, or liquid rhinoplasty, offers individuals the opportunity to alter their appearance through a simple injection procedure. It is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty, with redness on the nose being the only potential side effect.

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Top Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Clinics In Istanbul Turkey

Este Medical Group

Este Medical Group, based in Turkey, offers a variety of cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of your nose, both surgically and non-surgically. The non-surgical option, known as a “liquid nose job,” uses dermal fillers to reshape and lift the nose. This treatment is a quick and simple procedure that can be completed in under 30 minutes and is an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

At Este Medical Group, our team of professionals understands the importance of having a nose that is aesthetically pleasing, and we strive to offer a range of solutions to meet your beauty goals. The non-surgical liquid nose job treatment can help enhance facial symmetry and improve overall appearance, correcting minor bumps and dips on your nose.

Before starting the treatment, the team will conduct a consultation to determine if a liquid nose job is the right solution for you. The treatment offers a range of solutions, including straightening the nose, making it look thinner, lifting the tip, and balancing the shape of the nostrils. As a non-surgical treatment, there is no cutting or scalpel involved. The fillers used are carefully injected into the nose or around it to achieve the desired outcome.


The clinic is located in Istanbul’s famous Bagdat Street, which is a hub of restaurants, bars, and high-end shops. It’s also conveniently close to the seaside. The clinic offers to assist their international patients with hotel bookings to make their stay in the city more comfortable.

In addition, they provide an opportunity to explore Istanbul during your visit. You can easily access the city’s important historical sites, including the historical peninsula, Miniatürk, Dolmabahçe Palace, and Çırağan Palace, and enjoy a safe and enjoyable tour.

Istanbul Anti-Aging Clinic-Dr. Muñoz Paris

The Istanbul Anti-Aging Clinic, founded by Dr. Muñoz Paris, is a specialized center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Muñoz Paris is an American Board Certified Medical Doctor who is passionate about providing personalized care to his patients. The clinic is located in the bustling neighborhood of Bagdat Street, in the heart of Istanbul, surrounded by high-end shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as being conveniently close to the seaside.

For international patients, the clinic offers assistance with hotel reservations and provides an opportunity to explore the city during their stay. The clinic is close to some of Istanbul’s most iconic historical sites, including the historical peninsula, Miniatürk, Dolmabahçe Palace, and Çırağan Palace, making it easy for patients to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the city.

In line with modern trends in medicine, the clinic is dedicated to offering patients quick, non-invasive procedures that are both safe and effective. Aesthetic medicine is an exciting field that allows patients to achieve both good health and a fulfilling, youthful appearance.



The non-surgical nose job is a cosmetic procedure that is performed using dermal fillers. The purpose of the procedure is to temporarily alter the appearance of the nose and to achieve the desired results. The process involves the injection of fillers into specific areas of the nose such as the bridge, tip, and edges.

The procedure is relatively simple and straightforward, especially in comparison to traditional rhinoplasty. The patient is usually asked to lie down with the face raised up, and a local anesthesia is administered to the nose and surrounding area to minimize any discomfort from the injection. The surgeon then infuses the filler into the target area of the nose and possibly the bridge, causing a slight discomfort or pressure sensation. The procedure usually takes between 15 to 45 minutes.

After the procedure, the patient may experience pain, swelling, and inflammation at the injection site. However, these symptoms are temporary and should subside within an hour or two. The patient can apply an ice pack to reduce redness and inflammation, although it is advised to consult with the doctor before using it. Within a week or two, the final results of the procedure should be visible and any redness or bruises should have completely disappeared.

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Non-Surgical Nose Job In Istanbul Antalya Or Izmir

Types of rhinoplasty

If you’re considering improving your nasal appearance or breathing, a Non-Surgical Nose Job, also known as Liquid Rhinoplasty, is a great option for you. This minimally invasive procedure, which involves injecting fillers into the nose, is cost-effective and quick. It can be performed in just 15 to 45 minutes, and its effects are temporary, making it ideal for those who want to see the results before committing to a permanent change.

In Turkey, Non-Surgical Nose Jobs are performed in cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. Istanbul is renowned for its vast number of clinics equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and many of these clinics are regularly audited. The cost of this procedure in Istanbul can range from $200 to $500, but the price may vary depending on the clinic and location. On the other hand. Izmir is known for being one of the popular destinations for this procedure, although prices are higher than Istanbul. The city, however, offers rich tourism opportunities. Lastly, Antalya is a great option for those who want to combine a vacation with a Non-Surgical Nose Job. Prices are higher compared to Istanbul and Izmir, but the city’s stunning scenery and tourist attractions make it worth it.

What is the difference between non-surgical rhinoplasty and surgical rhinoplasty?

The procedure is different from a surgical nose job in that it does not involve surgery. As it is non-invasive and non-surgical, this procedure is perfect for those who want to add volume or project their nose.

Those with bumps or depressions, sharp angles, drooping nasal tips, low or flat bridges (nasal canals). Or slightly crooked bridges are best treated with a non-surgical nose job. It’s also a great option for those who aren’t satisfied with the results of recurrent nose surgery. And don’t want to risk having to undergo dangerous revision surgery.

Keep in mind that a nose job without surgical intervention is not recommended for those looking for fewer nostrils. In addition, there are no risks or complications with a nonsurgical nose surgery. Such as nasal breathing, recurrent (histoid) nosebleeds, swelling that lasts for several months. And the painful effects of jumping up the nose. Most importantly, a non-surgical nose job produces immediate improvement. Why? Unlike other procedures, the healing process after nose surgery is lengthy. And can take up to a year until the results are established.

What Can Patients Expect During the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Unlike general anesthesia, a non-surgical nose job can be performed without the need for topical numbing cream. And without potential danger or adverse side effects. A dermal filler is then injected into the nose area. The injections are not very painful, but the tip of the nose may be sensitive to their effects.

Because the procedure is non-invasive, there will be little swelling or bruising afterward. This type of filler can be administered through the nose and typically takes 10 to 30 minutes. Plus, there’s no downtime, and you can resume work and daily activities immediately after your appointment. Depending on the type of dermal filler used. The injection can give results that last anywhere from several months to a year.


The nose is one of the most prominent features of the face. And having a balanced, attractive nose helps project a positive image of the person to others. So having an unbalanced or asymmetrical nose is what drives people to seek surgical and non-surgical nose corrections. While for many years there was only the option of surgical rhinoplasty. With the advancement of science and technology they have created many more options.

Worldwide, nose reshaping with surgical rhinoplasty is one of the most requested aesthetic procedures. But a lot of people are afraid of possible side effects. Or some failed surgical result, which is why more and more people are opting for non-invasive rhinoplasty. It is a safe, fast option that does not require much recovery time. So the person is reintegrated into their social life in a very short time.

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