Top 3 best law firms in Istanbul

law firms in Istanbul

In matters pertaining to the law, the presence of an appropriate legal firm can significantly impact the outcome. Istanbul, a cosmopolitan metropolis that serves as a geographical and cultural link between Europe and Asia, hosts a multitude of legal firms that provide a diverse array of legal services. This post aims to examine the foremost law firms in Istanbul, celebrated for their proficiency, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional legal aid to their clientele.

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Top 3 best law firms in Istanbul 


MGC Legal was founded in 2013 by Mr. Mustafa GÜNEŞ, a well-known lawyer in Turkey. He has been practising law for 30 years. The company gives legal advice to people all over the world. They have really smart lawyers who know a lot about the law and can help with hard problems. MGC gets awarded for being principled and disciplined in its work. In 2017, a famous law and business magazine called Lawyer-Monthly chose this law firm as the best one in real estate and gave it an award. Since 2017, it has won the “Most Read Articles” award from Mondaq, which is a special publishing network. Also, our office is part of well-known groups like Legal500, IFLR1000, Lawzana, HG, and Global Law Experts. 

MGC Legal is a law firm in Istanbul that helps people and businesses with legal stuff. They follow the laws and give advice. It helps with different types of laws like Labour Law, Criminal Law, Private Law, Commercial Law, Consumer Law, Real Estate Law, Administrative Law, Collection of Receivables and Execution & Bankruptcy Law. The goal is to give trustworthy and helpful legal assistance to customers throughout all legal proceedings. 


The Aydin & Aydin Law Firm is a really good law firm in Turkey that has been practising law in Istanbul since 1976. The company is now one of the big law firms in the country. The company mainly deals with Real Estate Law, Business Law, Customs and Tax Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Bank and Finance Law, International Law, Healthcare Law, and Law Enforcement. They offer Consulting and Litigation Services too. Aydin & Aydin gives legal help for things like starting a business, company mergers and acquisitions, keeping data safe, franchising, making things, owning ideas, getting permission to use things, and moving things around. 

The law firm has offices in Istanbul and Ankara. The firm assists individuals with business and corporate law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), debt collection, property and building law, labour and employment law, and citizenship and immigration issues. The company offers other services such as helping with legal issues and representing clients in front of the government and courts. They also assist with regulatory matters and business transactions. 


ESENYEL & PARTNERS is a big law firm in Turkey. It’s based in Istanbul and has lawyers and offices in other cities like Izmir, Çanakkale, Kocaeli, Samsun, Trabzon, Mersin, Iskenderun, and Ankara. It also has offices in other countries. The law firm is successful because they provide quick, useful, and high-quality service to their clients. They really good lawyers use a practical approach to law and give both legal and technical help by working hard to understand the specific industries of their clients. 

The law firm used really good ethics and professionalism, and the firm knows a lot about the law, so they can come up with better and cooler solutions. They help companies with legal stuff and give advice in different areas. The firm know a lot about shipping, logistics, and commerce. They also have a good way of dealing with business problems like arguments, contract disagreements, and international arbitration. There’re especially good at LMAA, FIDIC, GAFTA, and FOSFA arbitration. The firm goal is to build a good relationship with their clients by giving them advice on their important transactions and disagreements. 

They lawyers are trained and have lots of experience to work in a hard international place. They also have partners who are allowed to work at the British Bar, Lincoln’s Inn, Russian Bar, Ukrainian Bar and Cyprus Bar. They think having a good work ethic and getting along with others is important. They also appreciate the people who work hard and helped them become successful.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Law Firm 

Reputation and Track Record 

When you’re thinking about a law firm, it’s important to check how people see them. This is how you can assess their reputation: 

  • Client testimonials: Assess the level of satisfaction of the firm’s past clientele by checking their reviews and testimonials. The aforementioned testimonials are accessible on the company’s official website, various social media channels, or credible review platforms. 
  • Online reviews: Look up websites like Google Reviews, Yelp, or legal directories to see what clients have said about the service and how they rated it. 
  • Referrals: It is advisable to solicit referrals from acquaintances, relatives, or experts who have had prior engagements with legal establishments in Istanbul. The insights provided by their experiences can be of great value. 

Assessing a firm’s track record of successful cases 

To determine a law firm’s track record of successful cases, consider the following: 

  • Case outcomes: Ask how often the law firm has won cases like yours. A good law firm will tell you about the cases they worked on before and their achievements. They won’t hide anything from you. 
  • Settlements and verdicts: Determine if the law firm has won good settlements or verdicts in cases they’ve handled. You can find this info on their website or public records. 
  • Recognition and awards: Check if the firm or its lawyers have won any awards, received recognition, or accolades. These can show that someone has been consistently excellent. 

Communication and Accessibility 

Effective communication is crucial when working with a law firm. Here’s why it matters: 

  • Understanding your case: When you talk clearly and openly with your lawyer, they will understand your situation better and give you the right legal advice. 
  • Updates and progress: Staying in touch helps you know how your case is going, if anything new happens, and what plans might work. 
  • Questions and concerns: Effective communication facilitates the ability to inquire, request further explanation, and attend to any apprehensions one may possess. 

Availability and responsiveness of lawyers and support staff 

Consider the following factors regarding a law firm’s accessibility: 

  • Responsiveness: A law firm with a good reputation will place a high priority on promptly addressing your inquiries, emails, or phone calls. 
  • Support staff: Ask if there are any support staff available to help with non-legal or administrative questions. This makes it easier to communicate and access information about your case. 

By taking into account these variables, one can arrive at a well-informed decision when selecting a law firm in Istanbul that is in accordance with their legal requirements and provides the essential proficiency, standing, and communication protocols for their particular case. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How can I research and assess a law firm’s reputation? 

In order to evaluate the reputation of a law firm, one may read up on client testimonials and reviews. It is recommended to inspect the official website of the company, as well as its social media channels and reliable review platforms, in order to access testimonials and evaluations provided by former customers. In addition, one may engage in online research by perusing feedback and evaluations on platforms such as Google Reviews, Yelp, or legal directories. Ultimately, it is advisable to take into account any honours, commendations, or acknowledgments that the firm or its legal practitioners have been granted. 

Are the top law firms in Istanbul suitable for all legal matters? 

Although the legal firms of Istanbul are renowned for their proficiency and standing, they may not be appropriate for all legal affairs. Law firms frequently have a particular area of expertise and may have restrictions based on their specialisation. It is crucial to align one’s legal requirements with the proficiency of the law firm to guarantee optimal legal representation. 

What are some common legal issues in Istanbul that these firms can handle? 

Istanbul law firms can handle a wide range of legal difficulties. Corporate and commercial law matters, such as contract formulation and review, firm creation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property protection, and corporate governance, are examples of common ones. Civil litigation, criminal defence, family law, real estate law, employment law, and immigration law are among the others. 

How can I contact the top 3 law firms mentioned in this article? 

The contact details of said lawyers can usually be obtained from their official websites or by conducting an online search utilising their respective firm names. Frequently, the websites of law firms furnish contact details, such as telephone numbers or email addresses, for the purpose of direct communication.

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