Top 3 Best Home Renovation Companies in Istanbul Turkey

Best Home Renovation Companies in Istanbul Turkey

The concept of renovation involves modifying existing structures and disrupting painted surfaces. Renovation is viewed as a logical step towards extending the lifespan of buildings, improving the quality of life for inhabitants and occupants, and reducing energy costs. However, there are certain exclusions to the definition of renovation, such as lead-based paint abatement projects, small projects that involve disturbing less than 2 square feet of painted surface per component, and emergency projects. In addition, renovations affecting components that have been certified as free of lead-based paint by a qualified inspector or risk assessor are also excluded from this definition.

Renovation is becoming increasingly important in the management of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW), as it represents a significant portion of building activity and is less strictly regulated than demolition. Renovation projects require both demolition and construction, which occur under specific conditions that are determined by the parts of the building that are retained. This makes renovation a more challenging and potentially circular process than construction or demolition, as it generates a higher frequency of CDW that can be directly utilized in the same project. The potential benefits of renovation include deconstruction, mobile waste processing, and other advanced techniques that could improve the sustainability of CDW management.

One of the unique features of renovation is that it often involves volatile and trendy aspects of a structure, such as bathrooms and kitchens or hotel and office interiors. These elements are becoming more disposable than durable, which means that renovation generates substantial streams of minor materials like plasterboard and carpet. However, these materials may have underdeveloped secondary markets compared to materials like concrete and metals, making it challenging to recycle or reuse them. As a result, demolition contractors often opt for landfilling as a disposal method for renovation waste. This highlights the need for better waste management practices and innovative solutions to deal with the CDW generated by renovation projects.

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How To Choose A Renovation Company In Turkey

If you are planning to hire a professional renovation company for your project, there are certain important factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that you choose a reliable and competent service provider.

It’s essential to look for a renovation firm that is recognized and enrolled by the government in the listing of renovation companies. This ensures that the firm meets the required standards and is licensed to provide renovation services. You can also ask for referrals from friends or family members who have hired a renovation company before.

It’s important to ensure that the renovation firm you select has an official website that clearly outlines their services, team, and previous accomplishments. This demonstrates the firm’s attention to detail and their commitment to providing quality services. The website can also provide insights into the type of projects they have handled and the quality of their work.

Before signing any contract with a renovation firm, it’s crucial to inquire about their subcontracting policy and whether they have insurance coverage for their workers. This will ensure that you are aware of who will be working on your project and that they are adequately covered in case of accidents or injuries.

Lastly, you should discuss the safety and health policy of the personnel with the renovation firm to ensure that they prioritize the safety of their workers and minimize potential hazards.

Top Home Renovation Companies In Turkey

Uyumazlar Yapi

This is a company that has been combining its 50 years of experience with modern architecture and technology to offer reliable, innovative, and cost-effective products, services, and solutions to its customers. The company’s mission is to carry out projects that will make customers’ lives easier and provide them with quality and comfort while respecting their time and rights.

Uyumazlar Yapi places great importance on understanding the needs of its customers and meeting them completely and on time. The company believes that the customer’s pleasure is the most important investment and makes maximum effort to be beneficial for society, the natural environment, and humanity. The company significantly increases the value added to its customers, employees, society, and the environment with its activities and organizational profitability.

Nef Global

This is a platform created by Nef to carry its achievements and experiences abroad. Nef aims to be present in 10 important cities of the world in the next 5 years with its Nef, Novu, Nef Reserve, Nesta brands and design-oriented concepts. The company provides services in the fields of design, sales and marketing, real estate, and asset management in its regions. Nef Global is preparing to be an inspiring brand wherever it is and to leave its mark on the most important cities of the world.

Oral Architecture & Engineering

This is a leading multi-discipline practice based in Dubai and Istanbul offering design, fit-out construction, project and cost management, millwork services to mono-brand luxury retail, hospitality, and commercial office clients internationally. The firm was founded in 1933 by the Oral family and is currently led by Kerem and Emre Oral brothers in partnership.

Oral specializes in designing and developing residential properties, including in-city luxury residences, village, and farm houses that represent the European lifestyle and show high special quality. The company’s business model is open to either exit with sale or rental of its properties for its own portfolio. Apart from developing its own properties, the company covers every aspect of development, giving customers a start-to-finish service. The company can assist in identifying an opportunity, provide advice on the design, procurement, and construction of a project, and provide sales and marketing expertise at any stage.

Oral works closely with the world’s top luxury mono-brand concept architects, providing local architect and project management services, including preparation of full set (architectural, mechanical, electrical, lighting) execution drawings, planning and building permit approvals, code compliance advice, production of construction documents, cost planning and management, procurement (selection of contractors and suppliers, and tender management), contract administration, and fit-out construction works supervision internationally. Oral has completed more than 100 mono-brand luxury stores in Turkey, the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, and India.

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