Top 3 Best Construction Companies in Istanbul Turkey

Best Construction Companies in Istanbul Turkey

Construction companies specialize in engineering works such as building construction, roads, and bridges. They provide a range of services, which may differ based on their area of expertise, such as industrial infrastructure, residential, and water structures. Despite these differences, they share some common components.

Construction firms evaluate building proposals and offer services based on client requirements, adhering to agreed costs and project timelines. However, construction work may also be carried out by a group of individuals and not necessarily by a company.

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Top Construction Companies In Turkey


RÖNESANS HOLDİNG, founded in 1993, is a well-known contracting and investment company that operates in various fields, including construction, urban development, health facilities, and others. The company has gained recognition globally and has been ranked as the 23rd largest construction company in the world by ENR.

It is also the ninth-largest construction company in Turkey and contracting companies in Europe. RÖNESANS HOLDİNG has successfully completed several prominent projects in Turkey, including the Presidential Complex in Ankara, the Allianz Tower in Istanbul, the General Building for Bank Management (Waqf Bank) in Istanbul, the Goztepe Stadium in Izmir, and the Optimum Discounts Center in Istanbul.

Additionally, RÖNESANS HOLDİNG has been involved in the construction of several hospitals, such as Basaksehir hospital, Adana Hospital, and others, distributed both in and outside Turkey.


LİMAK GRUBU is another construction company that specializes in all infrastructure and superstructure projects, such as airports, ports, highways, dams, power stations, industrial and hotel facilities, food facilities, pipelines, and more. The company’s success is due to its combination of technical skills with high technology and creativity.

LİMAK GRUBU has gained recognition as one of the top 250 construction companies worldwide. The company is a participant in the new Istanbul Airport project, which is the largest infrastructure project globally, and Sabiha Airport, which was chosen as one of the safest buildings in the world, with an area of ​​more than 500 thousand square meters. LİMAK GRUBU has built several airports worldwide, including the Balkan Airport, the terminal building of Cairo Airport in Egypt, and Kuwait International Airport, one of the most prestigious projects worldwide, which carried the largest contractual value obtained by a Turkish contracting company in Kuwait.


ENKA İNŞAAT, founded in 1957, is one of the oldest construction companies in Turkey, based in the Besiktas district of Istanbul. The company started with small-sized projects, especially in the field of highway construction. Despite its small size at that time, ENKA İNŞAAT began working on major projects that attracted the attention of senior officials who supported the company and cooperated with it.

In the early 1970s, the company started executing construction projects outside Turkey and has since completed 35 projects, 10 of which were outside Turkey. Currently, the company has a group of more than 3000 pieces of construction equipment and machinery, and it employs more than 40,000 employees and construction workers.

ENKA İNŞAAT has undertaken many projects in Turkey, such as the Onkapi Corridor, General Electronics Factory, and Haydarpaşa Grain Store in Istanbul.

What is a construction company?

worker with tools next to a building under construction

Buildings, roads, and bridges are among the civil works that are of specific concern to a construction company. The development of real estate activities involves the construction of residential complexes, offices and commercial premises. To minimize the negative impact of their activities on society and the environment, construction companies must comply with a number of rules and regulations. The growth of green development in the real estate industry aims to promote practices that consider the reduction of environmental impact in construction.

What does a construction company do?

A construction company has a variety of functions. The demands of professionals and/or resources may vary depending on the type of construction. The construction company must possess the ability to execute both complex and simple projects. This is particularly important.

Construction companies have the infrastructure and personnel necessary to build any type of building, regardless of the type of soil, whether fine or coarse, stony, wet, sandy, mixed, clayey or limestone when abundant. In addition, these companies handle construction materials such as cement, rebar, and partitions.

Social and economic impact of construction companies

two workers in front of a building under construction

Construction companies are also important to the economy, not only because of their environmental impact. Construction is a crucial element of economic activity and many ventures depend on the level of investment in the sector. Employment in the construction industry directly accounts for 6% of the Argentine economy. Indirect employment does not diminish the importance of the construction sector to the economy.

Both the public and private sectors can help with construction. Both residential and non-residential construction can be done by the private sector, which can include industries, businesses; health services; education; recreation. Conversely, the government can build housing and infrastructure projects, including transportation, schools, public buildings, and other infrastructure. The private sector is also capable of building new housing.

Construction industry procedures may require advanced planning techniques, technological advancements, and the use of modern machinery. Construction companies typically employ multidisciplinary teams, made up of architects, engineers, designers, and specialists in various fields.

In addition to preparing and executing the project, construction companies are also responsible for complying with certain legal and regulatory requirements, such as building permits and authorizations, environmental impact risk assessments, and safety protocols. Standards may differ depending on the location and type of construction.

Expensive construction projects can be costly and may require a significant amount of upfront capital investment. Bank loans or equity investments are the main sources of external financing for many construction companies. The financial management of a project is crucial to its long-term success and profitability.

Construction production process

Architects, engineers, master builders and specialized operators are involved in the production process, which is characterized by the involvement of multiple agents. It takes several experts to execute the construction project, making it a complex task. Initially, the project must be designed by architects and/or engineers. Subsequently, the construction must be executed according to the established design. In conclusion,  the work must be supervised to ensure compliance with the project specifications.

What Services Are Offered by A Construction Company?

Different aspects of construction services provided by a construction company include the following:

The company should have a focus on providing design-build services for various types of projects. Such as buildings, industrial erections, and roads, among others.

The company should offer renovation and remodeling services for residential and commercial buildings. These projects require careful evaluation of the client’s needs, budget, and timelines. As well as expertise to ensure that the additions do not negatively affect the existing structure.

The company should also have a growing popularity of turnkey projects, where the client entrusts the entire project to the construction company. In such cases, the company plans, hires contractors. And executes the project seamlessly, while the client is only involved in occasional supervision and budgetary issues.

Requirements For Selecting a Building Construction Firm

Selecting the right construction company is crucial to ensuring the success of your building project while avoiding unnecessary costs and delays. To help you make an informed decision. It is essential to consider the following factors during your search for a construction company:

Choose a company with appropriate expertise

Construction is an extensive field, and each construction company may have different areas of specialization. Such as residential or industrial construction. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire a company with prior experience in your specific type of project. This will increase the chances of achieving the desired results.

Review their portfolio and customer reviews

A construction company’s portfolio is an excellent indicator of the quality of their work. By examining their previous projects, you can assess their level of expertise and evaluate the quality of their work. Additionally, customer reviews on reliable review websites can provide valuable insight into their time management, customer service, and overall performance.

Ensure they deliver on time

Time is a critical factor in any construction project, and delays can be costly. Therefore, it is important to verify that the construction company adheres to project timelines. You can request references from their past clients and ask about their experiences with the construction company. This will provide you with an idea of how well the company manages its time.

Choose a safety-compliant construction company

Safety is paramount in any construction project. You should select a company that adheres to safety regulations and invests in keeping their workers safe. In addition, you should ensure they have appropriate insurance cover in case of accidents or incidents.

Good customer service

Communication is critical during any construction project, and it is important to select a company that values customer service. This involves a construction company that communicates effectively, listens to your input, and addresses your concerns. A construction project can be stressful, and a company that values good customer service can ease the process. And help ensure a positive experience.

In conclusion, selecting the right construction company requires careful consideration of several factors. Including their expertise, portfolio, customer reviews, adherence to timelines, safety compliance. And customer service. Careful evaluation of these factors will help you find a company that aligns with your requirements and delivers a successful project.

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