Top 3 Best Aesthetic Surgeons in Istanbul Turkey

Aesthetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery, also referred to as aesthetic surgery, focuses on enhancing a person’s physical appearance through surgical procedures. This type of surgery is not performed to address medical issues or improve bodily function. But rather to alter the appearance of certain body parts. Common cosmetic surgery procedures include, but are not limited to, facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), and eyelid surgery. These procedures are carried out by licensed plastic surgeons and are usually done for cosmetic reasons. This article will outline the crucial aspects to keep in mind when picking a aesthetic surgeon in Istanbul. Aiding you in making a knowledgeable decision for your medical requirements.

Choosing a plastic surgeon in Istanbul can be a challenging task. Especially for individuals unfamiliar with the field and the city. The journey of finding the right surgeon involves a range of tasks. From researching the best options to comprehending the credentials and qualifications of the surgeon. To getting an idea about the various procedures available. However, with appropriate research and preparation, the selection process can become manageable. Highlighting why Turkey is a top choice for plastic surgery.

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Top 3 Best Aesthetic Surgeons in Istanbul

1. Dr. Cagri Sade


Dr. Cagri Sade is a highly regarded Plastic Surgeon with over two decades of experience in the field. He received his medical degree from Ankara University in 1994. And went on to specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Şişli Etfal Hospital. Additionally, he honed his skills through a traineeship under the supervision of renowned plastic surgeon and educator Dr. Sherrell J. Aston based in New York.

Dr. Sade boasts expertise in a wide range of procedures. Including Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Otoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Breast reduction, Neck lift, Breast augmentation, and more. With close to 1000 successful surgeries to his name. He has extensive experience in both surgical and non-surgical, aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Sade has a strong presence in the academic community. Having published in various state and national journals and presented research papers at conferences.

2. Dr. Hasan Sahin


Dr. Hasan Sahin is a highly regarded Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgeon who practices at Hisar Intercontinental Hospital in Istanbul. With a vast experience in the field, he is known for his expertise in craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, body shaping, and medical aesthetic treatments, particularly in rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, and abdominal stretching aesthetics. He completed his undergraduate education from GATA Medical School and later went on to specialize in the field at Dokuz Eylul University Medical School.

Dr. Sahin is an active member of various professional organizations, including the Turkish Medical Chamber, Plastic Surgery Association, Aesthetic Surgery Association, and Reconstructive Microsurgery Association. He has a rich history of performing successful aesthetic operations, with over 12,000 procedures to his credit. His experience and reputation make him a sought-after practitioner in the field of plastic surgery.

3. Dr. Derya Bingol


Dr. Derya Bingol is a highly skilled and experienced Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgeon with over 14 years of experience in the field. She is recognized as one of the leading surgeons in the industry and has a professional membership with three prominent organizations: the Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the Turkish Society of Plastic, and the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. These affiliations are a testament to her expertise and standing in the field.

Dr. Bingol has made significant contributions to the field of reconstructive cosmetic surgery, which have earned her awards and recognition. Her dedication to her profession is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and development. In addition to her extensive experience in reconstructive cosmetic surgery, she has also undergone extensive training in the field of hair transplantation, making her a well-rounded and versatile surgeon.

Dr. Bingol provides a wide range of services to her patients, including reinforcement mammoplasty (breast augmentation), body shaping, skin graft application, hymenoplasty, light filling, and an array of breast aesthetics procedures such as breast prosthesis, breast augmentation, breast lifting, and breast reduction. With her comprehensive training and experience, she is considered to be one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the industry. Her commitment to providing high-quality care to her patients is evident in her attention to detail and her commitment to achieving the best possible results.

What to consider when looking for a plastic surgeon in Istanbul?

Aesthetic surgery

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important to consider the following aspects:

  • Qualifications and credentials: Ensure that the surgeon is board-certified and has the necessary training and experience in the field.
  • Reputation and expertise: Research the surgeon’s track record and see if they have a good reputation in the medical community and with their patients.
  • Procedures offered: Make sure the surgeon offers the specific procedure you are looking for and has a good track record performing it.
  • Facility and equipment: Check if the surgeon operates in a well-equipped and accredited facility.
  • Patient reviews and testimonials: Read about the experiences of past patients to get an idea of the surgeon’s bedside manner and results.
  • Cost and insurance coverage: Get an understanding of the cost involved and whether your insurance covers the procedure.
  • Consultation: Schedule a consultation with the surgeon to discuss your goals, ask questions, and determine if they are the right fit for you.

Advantages of Having a Surgery in Istanbul

Istanbul is widely recognized as a hub for cosmetic, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery clinics. Its plastic surgeons are renowned, attracting medical tourists from all over the world, particularly from the Middle East, Gulf and European countries, for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. The city’s affordable prices, high-quality services and use of latest technology in its world-class clinics are the factors that make Istanbul a popular destination for medical and health tourism.

In recent years, the demand for medical tourism in Istanbul has seen a significant rise, contributing to its fast-growing popularity in the global market. Additionally, Turkey is counted among the top 5 countries in the world for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, offering a full range of cosmetic surgery, both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

With the availability of state-of-the-art cosmetic and aesthetic surgery clinics in Istanbul, medical tourists can expect world-class facilities and a comprehensive range of treatment options at a reasonable cost. The city’s clinics provide 24/7 support and aftercare programs, ensuring a smooth recovery process.

What is cosmetic surgery?

It is dedicated to correcting any abnormal body structure, whether acquired or involutional congenital tumor, that requires repair or replacement, as well as any other alteration in the shape of the body. Their methods are based on transplantation and tissue mobilization using graft flaps or even inert implants. The goal is to restore or improve the function and physical appearance of injuries caused by accidents and burns, as well as tumor diseases of any type of skin and supporting tissues and congenital anomalies more commonly facial, hand, and genital.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at healthy individuals and seeks to correct changes in aesthetic standards with the aim of achieving better facial and body harmony or the effects of aging. Quality of life can be improved by improving professional and affective relationships, which has an impact on emotional stability.

While cosmetic surgery is very personal, there are external factors that can influence motivation to undergo surgery. The current focus of our society is on young people and a youthful and energetic appearance in professional settings is required to compete. Both social and emotional connections require a person’s attractiveness. Currently, fashion trends focus on enhancing the visibility of the body and maintaining a certain degree of beauty. Those factors have a negative impact on body image that leads people to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Most in-demand cosmetic surgeries

Chest Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery remains the most popular cosmetic procedure, accounting for approximately 32% of all cosmetic surgery procedures. The demand for breast reshaping has increased in the last year. The use of autologous fat obtained from other parts of the body is the main means of increasing its volume in the décolleté or outer chest during this reshaping process.


Among the most demanded aesthetic procedures is liposuction or liposculpture, which consists of the remodeling of the body to achieve a more harmonious and slender appearance. By removing excess fat from specific areas of the body, this treatment can improve the contour of the body and result in firmer skin. The arms, abdomen, legs, or hips often require intervention.


Nose surgery has been the most popular procedure in the past year. It is so popular that it is considered the most sought-after facial surgery in the world. The rise of video calls, which involve looking at the speaker’s face, taking selfies, and using filters on social media, could explain this increase.

Rhinoplasty involves the surgical correction of the proportion and position of the shape of the nose to correct any problems that may arise. Through the use of plastic surgery, the facial appearance can be significantly altered. Adjusting the size of the nose, narrowing the holes, and harmonizing the profile.


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery was the one that performed the most cosmetic operations in the last year due to the mask. Focusing on our eyes leads many patients to recognize that the signs of aging become more apparent. And they care more about the appearance of this area. For this reason, its goal is to correct excess skin in eye bags. Rejuvenate the look and improve the appearance of tired eyes.

Possible Risks

All cosmetic procedures, including surgeries, carry risks. The risk of complications such as blood clots in the legs or lungs increases if an obese person has a body mass index of 30 or higher. Smoking can affect healing.

Before undergoing any cosmetic surgical intervention, the patient should meet with their cosmetic surgeon. To discuss possible risks or complications related to your medical history.

Possible complications of any surgical procedure include:

  • There can be complications that are related to anesthesia such as pneumonia, blood clots, and even death.
  • The presence of infection in the wound can exacerbate the condition, resulting in delayed recovery and potential complications.
  • Fluid retention under the skin.
  • Surgery or transfusion may be needed for heavy bleeding.
  • Scars that were not expected due to skin lesions.
  • Dissolution of the surgical site which may sometimes require additional procedures.
  • Nerve damage can cause numbness and tingling that can be permanent.


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